Reduce your water bills with a rainwater cistern.

The Roth Multi-Tank is the smart, simple way to save water – and money.

The average U.S. household consumes about 70,000 gallons of water per year and more than half of these gallons are used for non-potable purposes such as lawn watering, car washing, and toilet flushing. This adds up to a tremendous amount of wasted water – and dollars!

These are just a few of the reasons why rainwater collection and storage is becoming so popular. By installing a cistern and using rainwater for your non-potable water needs, you can save money in an environmentally friendly way. 

Until recently, installing a rainwater cistern system could be a major headache for homeowners. However, the Roth Multi-Tank takes the hassle out of rainwater harvest because:

  • It’s the strongest plastic rainwater cistern on the market. You won’t have to worry about it leaking, cracking, or corroding – so you’ll never have to replace it.
  • It’s easy to install. The Roth plastic tank is so lightweight installers can carry it right to its location and, because this tank is so strong, they won’t have to worry about collapse during backfill.
  • It’s underground. You won’t have to worry about frozen rainwater during the colder months or hiding the tank with strategically placed landscaping.

The Roth Multi-Tank makes installing a cistern, saving money, and harvesting rainwater simple for homeowners. To learn more about this and other smart solutions from Roth, click to find a Roth installer near you.