Fresh Water Storage

Introducing the strongest fresh water storage tank on the market. 

Choose the Roth Multi-Tank for cleaner, safer drinking water – and less hassle.

Whatever your objective is in choosing to install a fresh water storage tank, the plastic Roth Multi-Tank will make it simple and convenient to achieve your goals. When installing a new potable water tank, there are so many reasons why a plastic tank is a superior option to a cement tank:

  • Keep your water cleaner and safer for your family. The Roth Multi-Tank is the strongest plastic tank on the market so you’ll never have to worry about it leaking or corroding. 
  • Avoid hassle and expense. The Roth Multi-Tank will never fail you, so it will be the last fresh water system you’ll ever need to install on your current property.
  • Install it quickly and easily. If you choose plastic, your tank will be installed in no time. The Roth Multi-Tank is so strong, it is guaranteed not to collapse during installation. Plus, installers can use native materials and absolutely no water is required for backfill. 
  • Avoid funky-tasting water. Cement tanks can alter the taste of your water. Don’t take that risk. Plastic tanks will keep your water tasting fresh and crystal clean.

The Roth Multi-Tank makes fresh water storage simple for homeowners. To learn more about this and other smart solutions from Roth, click to find a Roth installer near you.