Choose the world’s strongest plastic tank and cross fire protection off your worry list.

Fire protection made simple.

Choose the world’s strongest plastic tank and cross fire protection off your worry list. 

Strict government regulations and insurance requirements are making it necessary for homeowners and businesses to install fire protection tanks – but researching the variety of available tank options and inconvenient installation methods can be frustrating. Underground tanks are clearly the safer option for fire protection, but if they leak they could cause extreme headaches for homeowners. 

Thankfully, Roth designed a multi-tank with all of these issues in mind so that it could be used for fire protection. The Roth Multi-Tank is a safe, leak-proof, and convenient tank that meets all government and insurance fire protection requirements and gives home and business owners peace of mind.

Homeowners and Installers love the Roth Multi-Tank because:  

  • The Roth Multi-Tank is the strongest plastic tank on the market. You won’t have to worry about leaks due to cracking, rusting, or corrosion – so this is the last fire protection tank you’ll ever need to install. 
  • The Roth tank’s design makes installation easy. It is so lightweight, installers can carry it right to its location and, because it is so strong, they won’t have to worry about collapse during backfill.
  • Underground installation takes care of two issues: 
1. It will prevent your water from freezing, and 
2. You won’t see the tank, so you won’t have to figure out how to aesthetically incorporate it into your landscaping. 

The Roth Multi-Tank makes fire protection water storage simple for homeowners. To learn more about this and other smart solutions from Roth, click to find a Roth installer near you.